Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man
cometh unto the Father, but by me
John 14:6

Welcome to
Cross Country Cowboy Church
New Time (effective July 13, 2014)
Sunday School 9:45 am / Service 11:00 am
Sunday Evening (cancelled thru summer)   &  Thursday Evening 7 pm

2303 Dellview Road - Cherryville NC 28021
Pastor: Daryl Eagle

Our hope and prayer is that what you see on this website 

will be a blessing to you
 and point you toward Jesus Christ.
You may have the question, 
What in the world is a Cowboy Church?
 We can not speak for all Cowboy Churches, 
but our church is a Baptist fellowship of believers 
that is committed to serving Jesus Christ. 
Our focus is not on cowboys, horses, or country living -
 but is on proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ
 and helping the believers to grow in the
 faith and practice of Christianity. 
The atmosphere is casual and free. 
We rely on God to move us and are not bound
 by programs or traditions of men.
 We worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.
We are an active church that is concerned with 
the individual state of every family within. 

Love God with all our being
Love people in all their being
as we
Express God in oneness
Exalt God in worship
Evangelize souls as God's witness
Educate disciples in God's word
Equip ministers in God's work

Come join us for a great time in the Lord
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